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The Bumbles host the Monday Movie Meme. This week's topic is "The Great Outdoors." Stop by to see their post, and what others are saying.

"Share on your blog movies all about living with nature and then link back here at The Bumbles."

Out of Africa: Meryl Streep and Robert Redford grow coffee and fall in love in the plains of Kenya.

Cold Mountain: Jude Law tramps the war-torn fields of North Carolina, making his way home to Nicole Kidman.

True Grit: John Wayne, Kim Darby and Glen Campbell hunt "the man who shot my pa." Contains one of the great movie exchanges:

Rooster Cogburn: Short feisty fella, nervous and quick, got a messed-up lower lip.
Emmett Quincy: That don't bring nobody to mind. A funny lip?
Rooster Cogburn: Wasn't always like that, I shot him in it.
Emmett Quincy: In the lower lip? What was you aiming at?
Rooster Cogburn: His upper lip.

The African Queen: Bogart and Hepburn fumble down the Ulanga on a hopeless mission to sink a German WWI warship.

I'd call this unexpected. Bob Dylan releasing a Christmas album in October this year. The album, Christmas in the Heart, contains old standards like "Here Comes Santa Claus" and "The Little Drummer Boy." Proceeds will benefit Feeding America.

Available for pre-order.

You Hike Through Life

Your journey through life is challenging, exhilarating, and at times difficult.

You are curious about the world, and you're willing to go off the beaten path to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Your mind is always alert and churning something over. You enjoy solving problems, and adversity makes you feel alive.

You are both independent and skeptical. You often need to see something with your own eyes before you'll believe it.

photo: Re-Nest

The Flatshare fridge gives roommates each their own stackable mini-fridge. This may cut down on a lot of "who drank my milk?!" arguments. If they come with locks.

By design student Stefan Buchberger

It involves stapling a plastic decorated tablecloth on top of your wooden picnic table. The effect is neat, and probably easy to change out. If you're the type that likes to swap decor regularly, you might consider velcro.

Here's a nifty lamp. It coils flat and looks something like a high-gloss hotplate, or it can be twisted and manipulated into a variety of shapes.

via PointClickHome

I love this apple made out of a recycled book. It's from Jason's house tour at Apartment Therapy. He has some other cool recycled book decorations as well.

A neat tool that identifies the colors in an image and provides a pallette. A great idea for a room or web design.

Just paste the image url into the box, click "Color-Pallette-ify!" and you're on your way. I tried it with the pretty purple rug I'd found and got decent response.

I love the look of a great big clock on the wall. I found this one at Desire to Inspire.

image: Apartment Therapy

This is the dining room of Anisa's Electric Shrine, a house tour on Apartment Therapy.

I'd be completely uncomfortable with a life-size crucicorpus dying over me while I eat. I have to give credit for the gold circle on the brown paint behind Christ's head. It's somehow respectful, clever and witty at the same time.

The house has a lot of other art and murals, not all of which are religious-themed.

image: PointClickHome

I love these! They'd be a great whimsical touch in a deco-themed home. I just hope the magnets will actually hold stuff up.

photo: Apartment Therapy

I love the color and style of this area rug. It's so rich, but still casual.

photo: Desire to Inspire

I love the wood chair in the middle of this arrangement. I don't know if it's comfortable, but it's definitely beautiful.


image: Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy showcases Dave and Shyla's Eclectic Loft in one of their 2009 house tours. It's a great space with some clever elements. This one really got my attention. They've used the springs from an old mattress as a photo holder above their bed. It's a clever re-use idea.

photos: Desire to Inspire

I love the mix of textures and the warm wood vs. the cool ceramic.

I adore this chair/sleigh. I can just imagine bundling up on it and being pulled along a country lane by a big bay.

Charming craft/sewing stations

The blues in this room are amazing.

These and more fantastic design images are at desiretoinspire.blogspot.com.

Old theater seats as home seating at Apartment Therapy: Penny's Enchanting Home

The re-use is just icing on the charming cake.

A round-up of my favorite photos from the amazing site, Desire to Inspire.

She always finds the most awesome photos!

4/8 - "Hand"
I love the stone architecture of this room. It's like someone turned a castle into a sunroom.

4/3 "Bedroom project"
I just love this comforter and wish there was a closer picture of it.

4/2 "Hannes Söderland"
Up, up and away! What might have been an overly sweet Bed & Breakfast design takes it up a level with the loft bed above the door. Space-saving and charming.

3/25 "Mae Brunken"
I love the stairs up to the bed. Fantastic!

3/10 "Carrier and Company"
The re-use of the slop sink looks great. It makes a great kitchen counter.

photo: Alex & Corey at Apartment Therapy

As usual, I'm loving the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest, and checking out the contestants. But this entry, with the bathtub in the kitchen is freaking me out a little. I can't decide how I feel about it.


Once a week or so, I'm going to offer a round-up of my favorite photos from the amazing site, Desire to Inspire.

She always finds the most awesome photos!

4/1 - "Lovin' Lara"
I'm lovin' the juxtaposition of the care-worn table with the elegantly monogrammed chairs.

3/31 - Nicolas Matheus
I don't know what those stairs are made of, and I'd almost be afraid to use them, but they're a powerful design statement in the space. In the next photo, I really don't care for most of it, but the brightly-colored bedspread on the black frame delights me.

3/31 "Please, please, please..."
Egg cups and fake eggs are Eastery without being cloying. I love it.

3/30 "Lar Doce Lar"
I'm charmed by the paint job on the table.

3/29 "Flickr Find: Baskets"
This is such a great idea for a side table. I want to go out and find a couple of picnic baskets right now.

photo: Re-Nest

I've never seen these before. Really, we shouldn't need a dishwasher, but my fundamentally lazy soul will sometimes want one.

Link via Re-Nest

image: Neatorama

I like this clever idea by artist Nathan Skiles: a cuckoo clock made out of cardboard and rubber.


Wow Stairs
photo: Trendir

Design Milk showcased this staircase. It's just amazing, and looks like the spine of a stegosaurus or some other laquered and shellacked dinosaur. It's got an organic grace.


Made for Each Other Pillow Set
photo: Etsy

When Neatorama featured these cute peanut butter and jelly pillows from Etsy, I had to go take a look. What I found was even more fun:

Better Than Grandma's Cherry Pie Pillow

Cherry pie pillow! There's something about a lattice crust that appeals to me on a basic level. From Etsy crafter DiffractionFiber

Ceuta Fountain Shower Curtain
photo: Anthropologie

My taste must be changing. I'm not usually a fan of this type of design, but I like this. It has a kind of stained glass quality.

via BHG

I've felt that white and wood were a particularly bland combination, until recently. Fortunately for me, appreciating white backdrops happened just before we moved into our white-painted apartment. We have our landlord's blessing to paint if we want to, but I'm now intrigued with the white canvas and how it will showcase our things.

This new place is a lot smaller than the old one, which means there's some paring down in our future.

These fine examples of white and wood were from Desire to Inspire.

Desire to Inspire shared the photography of Jacob Termanson. There's a lot of wonderful work, but the real eye-catcher was this sleep niche. The organic stained glass arrangement is phenominal.


photo: CasaSugar

How cool is this? Folding chairs that disappear when not in use by becoming wall art!

I'm thinking I'd like something in a Monet.


photos: Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire posted rooms by Laurent Bourgois of Paris, and I just fell in love with these two. I oculd completely see myself comfortably settling into this warm and inviting rooms. Although the antler chandelier would have to go.


photo: Neatorama

This is a cute one to add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise straight-laced house or keep the fun going on a playful house.

via Neatorama

photos: CasaSugar

These amazing scenes are tromp l'oiel covers for fireplaces, painted by Ann Wood. Each can be customized to fit the dimensions of your own fireplace. You can choose the border, andirons and flame color. Awesome.


photo: Neatorama

I would so totally buy this bed for my daughter. It's just too funny for words. Needs a golden arches headboard, though.


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