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24. What are you looking for from life?
Satisfaction. I want to feel like I've accomplished something and made the world a little better.

25. What is your favorite thing to drink?
It's a toss-up between iced Dunkin Donuts coffee and Coke.

26. Today the temperature is _________.
18 degrees.

In my life...
Saw the play Vincent at AS220 on Friday. I really liked it.

I binge-watched the first season of The Fall. Now I miss Sheriff Graham from Once Upon a Time. And Hannibal.

Still having trouble sleeping, which means I was sleepy all weekend. I really didn't accomplish anything I wanted to do.

We're expecting a "historic" blizzard tonight through tomorrow, with predicted accumulations of 6" (the very lowest) to 30" (the very highest). Most forecasts say 24", so it'll probably be closer to 18. I came to the office with an overnight bag, just in case they canceled the buses before I could head home. My boss thinks I'm being silly, but the bus riders all think it was a smart thing to do.

In the world...
The biggest local news is the snow. Winter Storm Juno is expected to impact from Virginia to Maine, with blizzard conditions in 7 states, including Rhode Island. They're comparing it to Winter Storm Nemo.

The Church of England has named its first female bishop in Rev. Libby Lane.

Boko Haram has freed 200 hostages.

Mary: Mrs. A. LincolnMary: Mrs. A. Lincoln by Janis Cooke Newman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fictional memoir written in the name of Mary Todd Lincoln while she was a "resident" of an insane asylum near Batavia, Illinois.

Mary takes us on her life's journey from early childhood and the death of her mother in childbirth, through the events leading up to her son Robert's decision to commit her. Ms. Newman has Mary describe symptoms that sound (to me, a non-expert) as post-traumatic stress, perhaps with bipolar disorder. While I'm not sure how much of what she describes actually happened, she does make it plain how frustrating and limiting the life of a woman living in Victorian American society could be.

I think it's well-written overall, Mary's voice is consistent throughout and the language sounds true to the time. It's also a very engaging story. It really does seem like I'm reading someone else's diary. I would love an annotated copy that references real and fictional or conjectured passages and gives a historical basis for them.

I read this for my 3rd 101 Things in 1001 Days, based on a recommendation by The Gal Herself.

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Blog 365...
23. What made today unusual?
Well, I'm going to a play tonight, to a theater I've never been before, to see a play by Leonard Nimoy.

In my life...
As above, I'm going to the theater tonight to see Vincent.
I learned what a viviendere is. It's a woman who follows troops to bring water and wine to them. The word has been around since the 1700s, though it's not a current occupation.

In the world...
The eSight corporation has made glasses that allow people with vision loss to see. New mom Kathy Beitz's first sight was her newborn son.
Saudi King Abdullah died. His brother Salman has taken the throne.
The Doomsday Clock has been moved closer to midnight. We're at 11:57pm. From CNN:
""Today, unchecked climate change and a nuclear arms race resulting from modernization of huge arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity. And world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe," said Kennette Benedict"

Blog 365...
22. Tomorrow will be better because ___________
It's Friday!

In my life...
Great party at the G last night. I met up with a couple of old friends I hadn't seen in awhile, and introduced myself to Rhode Island's new Chief Digital Officer... who already knew I {heart} Rhody! It's still astonishing when I discover someone's actually heard of the blog.

Discovered paint is peeling off the front door, which means stripping and painting it this summer. Blah. Not hard, just blah.

In the world...
I let the State of the Union address blow right by me. Apparently President Obama said some things, and some people clapped and some people didn't. AND, as it turns out, not everyone was happy with what he said.

Blog 365...
21. Today I wish I had more ___________.
Money. Not a lot more, just a few hundred per month, so I can do a few more things in my free time.

In my life...
Providence Monthly's 10 To Watch party tonight. My good friend David was named one of the 10 to watch, so I for sure want to be there to cheer him on. Plus there's some other people there I'd like to know more about. Should be a good time.

About halfway through Mary: Mrs. A. Lincoln.The more I read, the more I wish there was some indication of truth vs. fiction vs conjecture.

Blog 365...

17. What are you grateful for?
I'm grateful every day for my health, my job, the health of my family.

18. The best part of today was __________.
A lovely long nap.

19. My current favorite website is __________.

20. What is the hardest thing you're dealing with?
The long-term inability of my daughter and her family to get out on their own. It's temporary, but it's been awhile.

In my life...
Mommy returned yesterday from her trip, exhausted. The kids were happy to see her, and so was I. I no longer have the energy to chase after toddlers and keep young kids entertained. Still, Papi did 90% of the work.

Bear decided to move into her boyfriend's place until the assorted relatives have moved out. She and Mommy have a rocky relationship, and too much time in each others' company can rub them both the wrong way. I'm frustrated that she's been crowded out of her own home.

In the world...
An oil spill on the Yellow River in eastern Montana
A mansion in Annapolis burned to the foundations.
Bomb threat against Delta airlines in JFK airport.
The Green Bay Packers blew a 9 point lead in the second half of the playoff game against Seattle.
The Islamic State has captured two Japanese hostages and is demanding $200 million in ransom, or they'll be executed. Japan's Prime Minister has vowed to save them.
An overpass on I-75 in Cincinnati collapsed.
A group of protesters, in Kenya, including school children as young as six, were teargassed when they protested against the appropriation of a local playground to make room for a parking lot.
The current Rhode Island Education Commissioner, Deborah Gist, is reported as being a finalist for the job of Superintendent of the Tulsa school district.

A person sits in bed weeping as nine swords hang over his head.

dysfunctional worry, inner doubt, ignoring anxiety, facing your fears

Upright, this is a card of depression and despair. Reversed, it could mean things are getting better, or what's bad is getting worse. This is a card that has to be read in the context of the cards surrounding it.

Blog 365...
16. Who are you in love with?
No one. There are lots of people who I love, but I'm not in love with anyone.

In my life...
Unremarkable weather for January.

Day 1 without Mommy was tough on Peppy. She did not want to take the bottle from anyone but Papi. Fortunately, Papi only works until noon today.

Still engrossed in Mary: Mrs. A. Lincoln. I wish there were notes telling what is history and what is fiction. A line that impressed: "his integrity made all who listened believe in their own goodness." That's the kind of thing I want people to say about me and my children.

In the world...
A cat saved a baby who had been abandoned in a cardboard box by crawling into the box with it to keep it warm, and meowing until passersby stopped to investigate. The baby is fine, but would have frozen to death without the cat's intervention.

Protesters yesterday closed a section of I-93 in Boston.

The Beagle 2 space probe, launched by Britain in 2013 and missing since, has been discovered by NASA.

Another hostage-taking in Paris that ended without incident, and a foiled police-assault attempt in Belgium.

Elaine was like most middle-aged divorcees, until she did the improbable: she found a good man who loved her and her kids, and married him. They're living happily ever after thanks to mutual affection, respect, dedication. And wine.

Since then she's been enjoying her 50+ years, doting on grandchildren, caring for her aging mother, writing and living with the love of her life. And drinking lots and lots of wine.

She shares her experience and advice with us in a warm, humorous fashion that's never condescending. She doesn't have all the answers. She has many of them. And many of them involve a glass of wine.

I laughed over her stories, commiserated about the worry of aging older generations, enjoyed and related to so much of what she said. And wine.

If there was a complaint to be had in her book, it's just the constant mention of wine. It's a running joke that runs a bit too long. That, and a bit of repeated stories that I think are part of the aging process. And drinking wine.

A woman with a wand in each hand stands encircled by a wreath and draped in a sheet. In the corners, a man, a bird, a lion and a bull each look out from the clouds.

Incomplete, disappointment repetition, private victory, clinging to the past, stuck

Things aren't as great as they seem. Your success is smaller, less lucrative or not receiving as much fanfare as you'd like.

You may be stuck, unable to finish a project, or break free from a pattern.

You may be resting on your laurels, clinging to past victories instead of moving on to the next one.

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