Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Man makes spiders out of scissors

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Not just any scissors, mind you. These are made from genuine TSA-confiscated scissors. Now you know where those cuticle scissors they nabbed from you at the airport go.

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My hometown

I was tagged by Kwizgiver. The rules are: answer the questions, tag 5 people and then go off on your travels to their hometowns. One answer for each of the questions. No ties.

Hmm. I don't consider where I live to be my hometown. Those who read regularly know I hope to make Providence my hometown before long. For this, I'll use the town I grew up in.

Best place to eat. The Milleridge Inn. It's not actually in my hometown, and I'm sure that there are many fine restaurants that have sprung up in my absence. It's a wonderful old inn that's been working since around 1672.

Best shopping mall. SmithHaven Mall, as far as I remember.

Famous landmark. The First Presbyterian Church. It was one of the first buildings in the area, and the town kind of built up around it.

Best tourism attraction. Blydenburgh Park.

Best place for kids. Sweetbriar Nature Center.

Popular outdoor activity. Canoing on the Nissequogue River.

Breathtaking view. Montauk Point (not in town, but still).

Only found here. The Bull. Here's a little history lesson.

Now who shall I tag?
Uh... I don't have any tag-buddies.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New evidence in Crippen case

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Dr. Hawley Crippen
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As coincidence would have it, The Guardian recently reported that new mtDNA evidence indicates that the body in Dr. Hawley Crippen's cellar, long believed to be that of his wife, was, in fact, not. Crippen was hanged in 1910 for her murder.

The coincidence is that I just finished reading Thunderstruck by Erik Larson, a book about the crime.

While the investigation methods weren't quite up to 21st century detail, the evidence was compelling enough for a conviction. Now it appears that the woman in the cellar wasn't Cora Crippen after all, although the mtDNA results have their skeptics as well.

Bridal cake...literally

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A friend of mine emailed this to me. I've never seen anything like it. Talk about your cake topper!

First, look at the Bride, then at the cake.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Womans Day guide to 30 wines under $10.00

Woman's Day 2007: Woman's Day Gallery

I'm going to try the Gallo Family Vineyards Twin Valley Pinot Noir first.

Skull-a-day pumpkin skull

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Skulladay has done it again. The half-carved pumpkin has an exceptionally eerie glow when lit from the inside.

As I told him in the comments: ubercreepy.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


blog it created these 8-bit gourds. Very clever!

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Creepy crochet

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Monster Crochet is ready for the holiday with this scarf made to look like a bloody hack saw. It's wickedly clever. Just toss it around your neck, and you're costumed and ready to go. I would have added a drip of fringe from each of the points, but it's a cool Halloween scarf without it.

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Unconscious Mutterings: Week 247

  1. Inaugural :: address
  2. Pledge :: promise
  3. String :: of pearls
  4. Trot :: turkey
  5. Fitness :: center
  6. Cinder :: blocks
  7. Edge :: of my seat
  8. 31 :: October
  9. Blue :: Am I (as in "Am I Blue?")
  10. Leather :: and lace
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fish update

Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen gives up a list of healthy, "green" fish.


Unconscious Mutterings: Week 246

  1. Las Vegas :: gambling
  2. Linus :: Larabee
  3. Struck :: out
  4. Movie :: popcorn
  5. Anxious :: nervous
  6. Bandit :: dog (from Johny Quest)
  7. Picks :: and pans
  8. Lasso :: lariat
  9. Dinner :: bell
  10. Bargain :: basement
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How scary am I?

You Are Not Scary

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

So untrue. I'm very scary.

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How masculine or feminine are you?

Take this test!

People who are androgynous have both strong masculine and strong feminine qualities. Androgynous people tend to be both action and people oriented, and are usually able to successfully take on a diverse range of roles that cross gender-role boundaries.

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Halloween quiz

Ghosts or Goblins?: ghosts
Zombies or Vampires? vampires
Witches or Hags?: witches
Werewolves or Frankenstein?: Frankenstein
Black Cats or bats?: black cats
Trick or Treat?: treat, please
Candy Corn or Candy Apples?: candy corn
Pumpkins or Squash? pumpkins
Orange or Purple lights? orange, I think
Toads or Spiders?: toads, but spideys don't bother me
Lanterns or Lit Pumpkins?: lit pumpkins
Skeletons or Mummies?: skeletons


What were you last year for Halloween?: renaissance peasant
What are you going to be this year?: myself
Favorite costume you have ever worn?: can't remember
How do you spend your Halloween?: either doling out candy or taking the Bear trick-or-treating
Are you or are you not going trick or treating this year?: I'll go with the Bear
Did or do you pull Halloween pranks?: no
Do you believe in ghosts? no
Are you superstitious? not so much
Do you like caramel popcorn?: yum
Have you ever gone in the country to look for pumpkins? to a pumpkin farm, if that counts
Have you ever been on a hayride? yes
Do you decorate your home for Halloween?: yes
Have you ever been to a haunted house?: yes
Have you ever been to a graveyard on Halloween? no
Have you ever attended a Halloween party?: yes
Do you watch scary movies on Halloween? yes
Have you ever had your candy stolen from you?: no
Did you ever steal any ones candy? no
Has anyone ever gotten hurt due to your prank?: nope
Have you ever dressed as a witch/warlock?: yes
Are your parents into Halloween?: yes
Do you know someone who was born on Halloween? no


Passed out candy?: yes
Bobbed for apples?: yes
Gone to a pumpkin patch?: every year
Hosted a Halloween Party? yes
Attended a Halloween Party?: yes
Made pumpkin pie?: yes, it's my favorite
Raked leaves?: yes
Watched the Travel Channel with the Halloween specials?: no...but I would, if I remembered to


Amityville Horror?: I don't remember. I read the book
Halloween?: yes
Last House On The Left? no
House Of Wax?: yes
Tales From The Crypt? yes
The Exorcist?: yes
Texas Chainsaw Massacre?: no
Pumpkinhead?: no
The Sixth Sense?: yes
All or any of the Nightmare On Elm Street?: The first two or three
Practical Magic?: yes
Any or all of The Simpsons Halloween episodes?: many, but I don't think all
The Munsters?: yes
The Adams Family?: yes, and I liked it better than the Munsters
Elvira?: a couple of times
The Lost Boys?: no
Contact?: no
Hocus Pocus?: every year
Edward Scissorhands?: yes, awhile ago
Friday the 13th?: yes
Childs Play?: I think so, but I don't remember
The Shining?: yes
Salems Lot?: both versions, and I read the book
Fright Night?: no

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Are you a trick or a treat?

Take this test!

Well, the good news is that we've seen worse. But you are just a few tricks away from being president of Pranksterville. We'd say "congrats" but we certainly don't want to encourage you. Okay, what the heck — congrats! You're anything but boring and that's probably why you have so many friends — they can't wait to see what you'll do next. Of course, they're probably trying their best not to become your next victim of "fun," either.

Just because you've been known to stir up trouble now and then, doesn't mean you aren't sweet when it counts. Even if being good is a little hard sometimes. Hey, it's tricky but you can do it!

Yeah, I'm pretty rotten.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Disapproving Rabbits

My disapproval will stick to you like Velcro.
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Yes, I must find this book, and seek its approval of my reading habits. It looks like it'll be a tough sell.

For when your four-year-old daughter is home alone

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The Hello Kitty AK-47 Glambo assault rifle. 'Cuz you never know.

Created by GlamGuns, a faux site "Founded by a female US Army veteran known only as "Glambo," was put together to mock stereotypes of women and girls and what they really like. Photoshopping of weapons and other "products" was done by Twitch who shares the madness."

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Balloon innards

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Pneumatic Anatomica... I just love that phrase. It's the term for the anatomy of a balloon animal, which, as you can see, is far more complicated than anyone other than freeny might have imagined.

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Shiny skull timepieces

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The Halloween-themed posts are flying. Watchismo is a site dedicated to antique and cutting-edge technology timepieces. As part of their Halloween week posts, they've shown the pieces above. The gold 17th-century skull clock has snakes that pop in and out of its eye sockets, and its jaw snaps open and shut. The silver skull watch was made for Mary, Queen of Scotts shortly before her execution. Momento, Mori.

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Cute and evil: Bun-bo

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Worth1000's contest is to photoshop a normally innocuous creature into something evil. This is just one of dozens of entries, some scarier than others.

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Accountability: The Weekend List

  1. Call doc's office re: scrip
  2. Pick up spackle and trowel
  3. Clean appliances
  4. 1 box from garage
  5. 1 bag of donations
  6. 1 bag of junk
  7. Take a box of books to the bookstore
  8. Watch/review 2 movies
  9. Go to Halloween Parade
  10. Go to Halloween Fun Day at community center
  11. Go Halloween light decoration-peeping
  12. Transfer music lyric/reviews to endo-media
  13. Finish the Bear's costume
  14. Catch up on blogging

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Accountability: The Thursday list

  1. One load laundry DONE
  2. Bones DONE
  3. Pushing Daisies
  4. ER (9pm, NBC) DONE
  5. 1 bag to donate DONE
  6. Thanksgiving menu plan DONE
  7. Work DONE
  8. Review Corpse Bride
  9. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  10. Clean out fridge
  11. Organize DVDs
  12. 1 box from garage DONE
  13. Buy a sleeping bag for the Bear DONE

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

oo! scary!

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The monster sticker generator will allow you - yes, you - to write your name in awesome/scary monster stickers for saving, printing, posting or otherwise doing stuff.

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Accountability: The Wednesday List

  1. One load laundry DONE
  2. return CS library book DONE
  3. Take box of books to bookseller DONE
  4. Bones (tried, but the streaming vid keeps stalling)
  5. Pushing Daisies (7p ABC)
  6. 1 bag to donate
  7. Thanksgiving menu plan
  8. Work
  9. Review Corpse Bride
  10. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  11. Clean out fridge
  12. Organize DVDs

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Accountability: The Tuesday list

  1. One load laundry
  2. One load laundry DONE
  3. eyebrows DONE
  4. return library books DONE
  5. return CS library book
  6. Bones
  7. SVU
  8. 1 bag to donate DONE
  9. Thanksgiving menu plan
  10. Menu plan for week
  11. Work
  12. Haircut DONE

Think pink 6

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blog it in South Florida has a "click here for more info" pink ribbon web banner that takes you to breast health information.