Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Word Association

First Thought That Comes To Mind When You Hear…

1. Snowflake! falling

2. North Pole! Santa

3. Elves! toys

4. Sleigh! ride

5. Presents! under the tree

6. Cookies! and milk

7. Mistletoe! and holly

8. Rudolph! the red-nosed reindeer

9. Blizzard! Nooooo!

10. School’s Canceled! Yay!

11. Ice Skating! cold!

12. Santa’s Lap! um...

13. Black Friday! Noooo

14. Melting Snow! ice

15. Carols! bells

16. Lumps of Coal! stocking

17. Nutcracker! ballet

18. Ho Ho Ho! Santa

via Kwizgiver


  1. When you said, "yay!" to the school snowday, were you thinking as a kid or as a mom?

  2. As a no-kids-at-home adult. No school means the buses aren't crowded with kids going to school (our high schoolers take public transit).