Thursday, June 18, 2015


I'm unbearably sad, frustrated and angry about the murders in the Charleston, S.C. church. Why is a young man so full of hate that he'd shoot and kill nine people who were praying in their own church? Why did he think this was solution to his hate? If he's sure of the rightness of his actions, why does he run and hide?

There are no reasonable, acceptable answers, and my heart is crushed at what he's done. There have been a lot of racially-charged incidents in the past few months. Deaths, injuries, riots and arrests. But this one... I don't know if it tipped the balance, or if it's that there's no "other side to the story." It's just unquestionably, murderously wrong.

I want to comfort the survivors. I want to stand guard outside an AME church so they can worship without fear. I want to cry.

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  1. Oh, yes. I agree with every syllable you wrote. In a week, I'm grateful for the hurt. There's so much hate and violence around that I'm afraid I'll become accustomed to it.