Friday, May 08, 2015

My week in pictures

Saturday was a busy and fun day. Mommy and I went to the EatDrinkRI Festival, a showcase of local growers, producers and food services. It was Mommy's first time, though I go every year. It's a great event, especially the Grand Tasting, where we went. Lots of samples and vendors and new people to meet. Most everyone is very enthusiastic about their products.

After that was a jog up to Benefit Street to check out the Rhode Island School of Design's Alumni Art Sale. Always a great way to see what's new and coming, and meet up with some old art-world acquaintances.

Sunday was a day of rest.
I had lost my office key last week. My boss replaced the key, but I mentioned to my daughter that I also needed a keyring. As I was hanging laundry, I stepped on something. There on the ground was a keyring - from my ex-husband's family business, which has been closed now for years. I don't know how it got there, but thought it was quite coincidental

Monday was an after-work tour of the First Baptist Church in America. In all the time I've lived here, I've never been to this church, whose congregation founded the city of Providence, and situated centrally along the riverside.

Returning to work after the gorgeous weather Monday was tough, especially when this is what greeted me:
We'd had a couple of small sinkholes (3' across, 18" deep) open up in the parking lot. Looks like the landlord decided to get ahead of things.

and then...the Avengers! In 3-D IMAX! Thrilling and exhausting and a lot of fun.

Tonight I'm off to a presentation on life in 19th century Rhode Island.

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