Friday, May 15, 2015

My week in pictures


Saturday and Sunday the family went to Newport to take a couple of walking tours. From this, I learned that walking historical tours and young children were not made for each other. In fact, I think I'll go on the next one alone.

We did end one tour at a fountain, and the kids really enjoyed that. The weather was beautiful.

Wednesday, I learned that some wealthy sod has paid 179.3 million dollars for this Picasso. The painting is titled "The Women of Algiers (Version 'O')."
All I can think of is this:

On Wednesday my beloved grandmonster Peppy turned one.

Yesterday, Mami and I had a lovely belated Mothers Day dinner.We went to Bocado, a local charcuterie and tapas place.
The food was great, and we had a good time.

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