Friday, May 01, 2015

May goals


Financial Goals
Add $100 to savings.

Health Goals 
Lose 3 pounds (at least .75 pounds a week).  188
Walk 10 miles
(5/1: .92 mi)(5/2: 1.15)(5/3: .47)(5/4: .71)(5/5: .82)95/
Take meds every day
(5/1 am; 5/1 pm) (5/2 am) 5/3 am)(5/4 am 5/1 pm)(5/5 am)
Create a foods-I-can-eat list DONE!

Home Goals
(none this month. This is on hold, other than regular cleaning, until we have the house back)  

Knowledge Goals
Attend a class or symposium
Read and report on a non-fiction book
Go to a site or museum and blog about it
Study Tarot. 10 blog posts on individual cards
Take a marketing course online; DONE
read one of the following articles: Studies

Personal Goals
Start a plant from kitchen scraps
See The Avengers  DONE

Eat at a Rhode Island restaurant and blog about it
Make egg muffins
Set up a jewelry studio in the basement DONE
Make 25 "exchanges" for jewelry
Deliver exchanges to Mother Mystic
Read a book for pleasure

Spiritual Goals
Celebrate May Day
Celebrate the Full Moon DONE
Celebrate the New Moon
Learn and Practice meditation
Give 29 gifts

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