Monday, April 13, 2015

Tired of waiting

They're still here. It's been almost 10 months that my daughter, her husband and their four children have been living in my home. Things are looking better. The weather is cooperating, and the kids are no longer cooped up inside. There's a bit more elbow room. The family has a car now, which means a bit more freedom. It's amazing what a difference that car makes.

For the last nine months, I've been planning things for the house, for my life in general, that I would do when they were out on their own again. But Spring is making me restless. I'm tired of waiting to do what I want.

So I won't wait anymore. At least, not for things that I can do.

I'm taking a more determined look at my spirituality. I'm ditching the 101 Things in 1001 Days for a different format. I haven't quite figured out what, but I'll get there. One of the blogs I've started reading has a monthly check-in of her goals that I just love. I've got more than two weeks until April is over and I can get my May goals in order. I can start working on them, getting into a rhythm.


  1. I'm interested to see what you do for the new 101 things in 1001 days. I wanted to try that but it was too structured.

    1. Kwiz, I deleted the plan because you're right. It's too structured. I'll try a new format, with a monthly plan instead. I'm looking forward to that, too.