Friday, March 13, 2015

Movie review: Shane

Classic western about a gunman who wants to live a quiet life, but can't outrun his own reputation. He takes a job as a hand on a homestead with a nice family, but the local boss wants to take their claim away. As the conflict escalates toward violence, Shane has to decide how important it is to live peacefully.


  1. I appreciate that this is a classic western and deWilde is haunting as the little boy. BUT most of all, I'm glad I saw it because it helps me appreciate the Shame episode of Batman. At the end, as a little blond boy watches the villain Shame being taken away by to jail he calls out, "Come back, Shame! Come back!" Batman says something like, "Are you sad that your hero disappointed you?" And the kid says tearfully, "No, Shame stole my radio!" (I'm a simple gal.)

  2. Gal, I was thinking exactly the same thing!