Monday, February 09, 2015

So I've decided...

I like the daily 365. I want to continue/catch up on that. I think it's good historical exercise for me. And I'll do other stuff, too.

Part of my blogestential angst stems from the advent of Pinterest. I used to use this blog to capture all the cool stuff I found on the web that I might want to revisit. Pinterest makes it easier to organize and find, and more importantly, post those images. And the site just gets better and better. It's by far my favorite place on the Internet now.


27.  How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went?
Um... $20? My son-in-law handles most of the grocery shopping.

28. Tomorrow I will _____________.
It's been too long since the 28th to remember.

29. What was your last major purchase?
Define "major." If it's more than $100, it was the double-stroller for the grandmonsters.

30. My house is a home because...
I feel at home there. It's filled with people and things I love, and I'm comfortable in it.

31. Who was the last person to tell you they loved you?
One of my daughters. We say it every time we talk on the phone before we hang up.

1. What is your favorite piece of art you own?
A print of a home protection sigil that was made by a local RISD artist. It's round with lots of symbols on it.

2. The most expensive bill I paid last month
The rent. If that doesn't count, then cable/internet

3. What's the last thing you apologized for?
Probably to one of the grandmonsters for tripping over or stepping on their toes.

4. What is your favorite color?
Probably teal blue. What I really love is blue and pink together.

5. On a scale of 1-10, how is your health?
A solid 7.5.

6. If you could do today over, would you change anything?
On the 6th I was a little lazy at work and should have dug in a bit earlier.

7. Name a person you wish you didn't have to deal with today.
Nobody I didn't want to deal with at all. A few people I would have liked to see a little less of.

8. What's the largest TV screen in your house?

9. What time did you go to bed last night?
About 9, but I think I was awake til 10 or later.


  1. I've enjoyed the 365, too. I'm using it in my written journal, though, not on my blog.

  2. If it keeps you writing, then the Daily 365 is what you should use. That's the cool thing here -- no wrong answers!

    That double stroller was, I'm sure, MUCH appreciated!