Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Movie review: The China Syndrome

Watched for the 3rd 101 Things in 1001 Days, from the list of 50 movies never nominated for an Academy Award.

A local news reporter (Jane Fonda) and her crew accidentally stumble upon a problem when they're profiling a nuclear reactor as part of a puff piece on local energy providers. Fonda's anti-nuke cameraman (a young and hairy Michael Douglas) steals the film when the station refuses to air it.

Fonda's digging uncovers a cover-up at the nuclear plant and a duped, loyal employee. The power company has a deep-pocketed interest in keeping things under control, and the reporters race against time to get the truth out before the next big accident happens.

In reading up about the movie, I learned about the coincidence that it was released just weeks before an almost identical event happened at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania. I thought it was okay. Very dated, but interesting enough to keep my attention. We don't hear as much about nuclear power as we used to.


  1. My Pennsylvania sister lives thisclose to Three Mile Island.

  2. Kwiz, we used to live in Harrisburg. When I first moved there, we discovered in the phone book an evacuation plan in case of a meltdown at Three Mile Island.