Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Tarot musings: Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

Knight of Pentacles/Coins (reversed)

via biddytarot
A knight carrying a coin/pentacle gazes upon it as he sits on his horse. A golden sky and plowed fields make up the background.

Laziness; Boredom; Feeling "stuck"

Slow and steady is not winning this particular race.

A feeling of restless discontent. Maybe you've been stuck in a rut, or let things get away from you. You may be isolating yourself, plugging away without considering a more effective option. Avoiding adventure.

Alternately, it could indicate that you've let things go and need to get back on track. Maybe laziness has meant you've let your everyday routine slide.

Either way, a change in behavior is in order if you want a change in your life.

And isn't that always the case?

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