Friday, January 09, 2015

January 9, 2014 Almanac

Blog 365...
9. What is your current favorite snack?
Every now an again I get on a Slim Jims kick. I'm on one now, and I know they're terrible for me. I almost hate to admit to it, because if I ever look back at these posts, it might trigger another one. If that happens, note to future me: Jack's Links are no replacement.

In my life...
The walk to the bus stop this morning was practically warm. It registered 23 degrees, but with only a light breeze. Yesterday's 0 and high winds made this morning feel positively balmy.

As I write this (at 10:30 am), the winds have picked up. It's snowing busily, but the wind is the real problem.

It's Payday, glorious payday! I've ordered tickets for the Providence 10 to Watch party later this month, as well as made a reservation for Restaurant Weeks at Rosalina's.

Things I saw today...

Apartment Therapy suggests 10 winter-themed movies to watch while we stay huddled indoors. My to-watch list is so long...

In the world...
Je still suis Charlie. The hostage standoffs in Port de Vincennes and Dammartin-en-Goele, both near France, have ended in the deaths of some of the hostage-takers and some of the hostages. It's still early, and information continues to trickle in. Some or all of the hostage takers were involved in the shootings and murders at Charlie Hebdo.

Boko Haram continues their slaughter in Nigeria, killing and burning homes in Baga.

Health officials in California are tracking cases of measles that appear to have been spread at Disneyland.

Actor Rod Taylor, who I knew from The Birds and The Time Machine, died yesterday.

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