Wednesday, January 07, 2015

January 7, 2014 ~ Almanac

Blog 365...
7. Can people change?
I guess it depends on what you mean by change. Or, by changing what? People can change their behavior, they can change their opinions. Can they change their fundamental personalities? Maybe with a lot of self-awareness and hard work. They say 'the more things change, the more they stay the same.' I know I've changed a lot. Change is growth and growth is change... so short answer: Yes. Sorta. Maybe.

In my life...
We celebrated Epiphany yesterday, doing something different than we'd done before. Usually, we put out our shoes the night before and the Wise Men put in a toy and some candy. We did that, but we also exchanged our family (non-Santa) gifts. Each of us had the gifts we were giving beside us in a pile. We got to give our gifts and took the time to watch each person open and appreciate them. The children got to experience the thrill of giving.

I think if we continue this practice, it will get better. It started out well, but the toddler, who was excited to hand out gifts, soon became distracted by her own gifts, and decided she liked other peoples' gifts, too. All three of the non-infants soon became engrossed in what they had received, and the whole thing started becoming stressful as we tried to pull their attention back. It's a lot to ask of little ones to be that patient. In fact, the whole "no, don't play with it now, you have more gifts to open" concept is feeding our disposable culture and making us less appreciative.

I'm going to suggest that in the future, we make gift-opening an all day affair. Everyone opens their gift from one person, then we break for 1/2 hour or so to enjoy them. We don't do a lot of running around on the holidays, so there's no reason to have a mad rush to open-toss-open-toss.

Mommy and I are at odds over how hard-and-fast to be about this particular idea.

Another cold day. It snowed most of yesterday, but we still only accumulated a dusting of the glittery powdery kind of snow. Today it's just cold.

I'm going to the Gamm Theatre tonight to see the world premiere of "Morality Play." Excited to go to that theater for the first time, and to see a world premiere play, and about the play itself.

In the world...
A gunman shot and killed 12 people at a satiric newspaper (Charlie Hebdo) in Paris, France.
A suspect is being sought in the bombing of the Colorado Springs NAACP office.
The contents of the time capsule left by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams in the State House in Boston, Mass. have been put on display. They include silver and gold coins, a medal depicting George Washington, the front page of the Boston city records, some newspapers and other things.

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