Monday, January 05, 2015

January 5, 2015 ~ Almanac

Blog 365...
3. Are you content?
Not at all. There are many, many things I want to change. But I'm resigned, for the moment.

4. What is your best memory of last year?
Spending Christmas with my grandchildren.

5. What was the last major accomplishment you had?
I honestly don't remember a major accomplishment.

In my life...
Sickness continues to rage through the juvenile population. Peppy and Wren have it the worst, with high fevers and coughs. Wren hardly ate for two days, although she did drink a lot of water and Gatorade/pedialyte. I think Mommy plans to take them back to the doctor today. It's gone on too long.

We're taking down the Christmas decorations. Have to have them packed up for tomorrow.

I'm going to attend the Mayor's public inauguration party. It's inside the Cranston Armory, and I've been wanting to see the inside.

via Durkee Brown

In the world...
Archaeologists have found the tomb of a previously unknown Egyptian Queen, possibly Khentakawess III, who was the wife of Neferefre.

ESPN commentator Stuart Scott died of cancer.

Mark Zuckerberg has started an online book club.

Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas will challenge John Boehner for his Speaker of the House position.

Jury selection has begun for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston Marathon bomber.

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