Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book review: Midlife Cabernet by Elaine Ambrose

Elaine was like most middle-aged divorcees, until she did the improbable: she found a good man who loved her and her kids, and married him. They're living happily ever after thanks to mutual affection, respect, dedication. And wine.

Since then she's been enjoying her 50+ years, doting on grandchildren, caring for her aging mother, writing and living with the love of her life. And drinking lots and lots of wine.

She shares her experience and advice with us in a warm, humorous fashion that's never condescending. She doesn't have all the answers. She has many of them. And many of them involve a glass of wine.

I laughed over her stories, commiserated about the worry of aging older generations, enjoyed and related to so much of what she said. And wine.

If there was a complaint to be had in her book, it's just the constant mention of wine. It's a running joke that runs a bit too long. That, and a bit of repeated stories that I think are part of the aging process. And drinking wine.

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