Friday, December 05, 2014

December 4, 2014

In honor of my annual attempt to create a virtual Christmas Countdown, I'm going to put up a Christmas carol per day until Christmas. First up is Johnny Mathis singing "We Need a Little Christmas." I like to hear this very early in the season, and Mathis' is my definitive version.

Another favorite for early in the season is "O Come O Come Emmanuel." It's a haunting song, and the very definition of Advent. I like to hear it in Latin, preferably a capella. This is a great version.

Blog 365... 

3. Who is the first person you saw today? 
As with most work days, it was my son-in-law. We both get up early and leave for work together.

4. What memory do you want to keep from today?
Tonight is the Hope Street Holiday Stroll. I'm looking forward to experiencing the holiday cheer with my daughters and grandkids.

In my life...
Chilly today, and more like we expect December to be.
I'm really enjoying the book I just started reading, The Old Magic of Christmas. It's a fascinating recounting of myths and traditions (some pre-date Christianity, some do not) of the Nordic cultures. I've just started, and it's "just the thing" for the holidays.

In the world...
 Another white male police officer, who put a choke hold on a black male suspect, leading to the suspect's death, has been found not criminally responsible for the death.
Providence had its 19th murder of the year over the weekend.
Anthropologists on Wednesday said they had found the earliest engraving in human history on a fossilized mollusc shell some 500,000 years old, unearthed in colonial-era Indonesia.

Something beautiful...
Vincent Van Gogh "Blossoming Almond Tree"

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