Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014 Almanac

Blog 365...
30. Did you smile or frown more today?
I smiled. It was Bear's birthday. Mommy and I chauffered her around town, to breakfast, to lunch, shopping, to dinner. It was fun, and I delighted in reminder her that I should be the one getting the gifts for this day, since I did all the work.

31. What improvements are you making?
I'm getting my financial house in order. That's my personal focus for this coming year. Eliminate or reduce my debt, live within a budget, put away a little something.

In my life...
I've been looking forward to New Years with more enthusiasm than usual, I think, this year. I have a huge and growing Pinterest board full of things to accomplish. Most of them come from the 3rd 101 Things in 1001 Days, which ends on January 4 of 2016. I have a year to finish the goals on that list, and there are still a lot of them.

Follow endomental's board Things to do in 2015 on Pinterest.

Yesterday's Bear's Birthday Shopping Excursion took us to see our friend who owns a small herb and metaphysical shop in Massachusetts. We don't see each other often, since I don't have a car and public transit doesn't go out that way, so we settled in for a good long visit. He's a small business owner with sick parents that he cares for. Things have been slow at the store.

He makes terrific herbal tea blends and medicinal concoctions. I picked up a few treats for myself, some lemon tea, chocolate chai, elderberry immunity-booster. I got a mini-cauldron incense burner that I've been eying for years, an onyx mortar and pestle, and a few odds and ends. All together, I dropped nearly $100. I sincerely hope it helped his business, and I know I'm going to be enjoying my new goodies for a long, long time.

In the world...
The wreckage of the missing AirAsia flight has been found.
The CDC has declared the flu to be epidemic in the United States. Several children have already died from it.
A toddler accidentally shot and killed his mother in an Idaho WalMart when he took her gun out of her purse.
Two-time Oscar winner (in fact, she was the first actor to ever win multiple, consecutive Oscars) Luise Rainer has died.


  1. "Eliminate or reduce my debt, live within a budget, put away a little something." You and me both, sister!

    Poor Luise Rainer. After a spectacular start, she disappeared from view. She not only won consecutive Oscars, the first was for her first film. I love her in The Great Ziegfeld. Her scene on the phone is so touching. "Flo? Flo?"

    I can't watch any of the airline coverage. It's my worst nightmare come to life.

  2. Happy New Year, my friend!

    And add me to the list for financial reform in 2015.