Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26, 2014 ~ almanac

Christmas has come and gone, but the holidays continue. Today is the Feast of St. Stephen, and most of us know of it only peripherally through this song:

This is not my favorite version, but it illustrates the story very well.

Today is the Feast of St. Stephen. According to Wikipedia, which is celebrated or recognized in most of Europe, particularly Eastern and Scandinavian. We'll honor the day with gifts of food to the food pantry, and have shepherd's pie for dinner.

It's an unseasonably warm day, sunny and 48 degrees. It should stay above freezing for the next week.

Christmas was a raging success. Everyone was sufficiently gifted, and happy with how their gifts were received. The day was casual and relaxed, and we even got most of the mess cleaned up. Of note: Peeper adored the stuffed monkey from Nan and Dann. Pappo can't wait to try out his Capt. America dart-firing shield (?!) from P&J, Wren spent the day playing with stacking boxes, and Peppy had a great time crunching wrapping paper in her little fists and shaking it to make it crinkle.

In the world...
It was 63 degrees in Rhode Island on Christmas, but it snowed in Hawai'i. It's a world gone mad.
The Interview was released on Christmas after all, in a limited screening. It's playing in Providence, and available to stream online.

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