Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 23, 2014

Christmas song of the day...

Blog 365...
23. Who do you wish had been part of your day?
The three of my children who are in other parts of the country now.

In my life...
Yesterday when I got home, Mommy and Bear were deep in the throes of Christmas wrapping. Both are sick, but soldiering through. I sat with them, but felt utterly lost. They seemed to have everything in hand, and I wasn't really sure where or how to pitch in.

I was dismayed to find that Mommy had accepted gifts from an adopt-a-family program. Seriously, I don't feel like it was necessary. We had plenty of gifts for the kids, and there are a lot of kids who have far, far less.

It promises to be a wet Christmas. A large storm has covered the Eastern part of the US.

Wren has become a huge fan of "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." Or as she calls it, "Bottom for Kissmas!"

In the world...
Police are on alert as an officer in Milwaukee is exonerated in the death of an unarmed mentally ill black man.
The Pope has listed 15 "ailments of the curia," including gossip, cronyism, careerism and power-hunger in the Vatican bureaucracy. He called on the cardinals to correct these ills in the New Year.
North Korea was hit with intermittent Internet outages, and went completely offline on Monday. Huh.

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