Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

 Christmas song of the day...

Blog 365...
20. Today I choose to...
Stay in bed and fight off this chest cold.

21. Have you been a positive or negative person today?
Mostly positive, but mostly bedbound.

22. Who is the strongest person you know?
My youngest sister, who's always taking on too much and dealing with too much, but doesn't give up, period.

In my life...
I just finished reading "Christmas Beyond the Box," a collection of six short holiday-themed stories of "mystery and magic." These are more for the Twilight Zone crowd than those who enjoy the typical Christmas story. For those who object to tales of the supernatural and ironic at Christmas Time, I'll remind you that A Christmas Carol is a ghost story. And like A Christmas Carol, there are no real scares in these stories.

Some of the stories were stronger than others, but most of them had a definite "Twilight Zone" vibe, and were very quick reads. I especially liked the very first one, which involved the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Perhaps you might like to read one story from the book as a palate-cleanser between the more typically sweet holiday fare.

Yesterday was the Solstice. I was too sick (really bad cough) to actually do anything about it. Mommy's been sick all weekend, too, with flu-like symptoms, and Bear came down with it, too. We did manage to light our Yule Log, at least (this is a log of white birch, affixed to a green felt-covered board, and bedecked with Spanish moss and holly. There are three holes in it, in which we put red candles and light when we feel like having a "fire."  It also snowed over the weekend. Just enough to be pretty.

Wren saw snow for the first time with any real understanding. She just turned two, so it was like she was seeing it for the first time. I held her and we went onto the porch to see it fall and catch some flakes, and then scraped the dusting off the porch railing so she could hold it in her hand. She was excited by the look, but not the cold.

Finally caught up with CJ in Chicago. Her Christmas package arrived in the mail, with the mermaid tail I'd ordered from her for Peeper. It looks so great! She's going to love it. CJ also sent gifts, and cookies and jely beans (she knows my weakness). The box of her goodies is still next to my desk, waiting for that one last thing before it's sealed and mailed.

The kids got their photo with Santa yesterday. Mommy was brave-tough enough to get out of her sickbed and take them to the mall. My theoretical "alone time" was spent sleeping. I hope this is better by Christmas.

In the world...
Two NYC police officers were shot and killed while they sat in their squad car. The murderer (who gets no name recognition from me) shot them in retaliation for the death of Eric Garner, an African-American man who died during a choke-hold from a white NYC police officer. To add irony to misery, the two police officers killed were Asian and Hispanic.

Sony has decided to release The Interview, while North Korea denies being behind the hack attacks. No word yet on when or how, but probably the movie will come out via streaming video.

Something beautiful...

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