Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December 2, 2014

Playing catch-up again. I really have to start just planning to be off on the weekends.

Finishing up the Month of Gratitude
via Kwizgiver...
26. Stillness.
I don't even know what to say about it. I miss stillness. I'd be so grateful for a little of that.

27. Kindness.
I try to always be grateful for kindness. It's a precious thing, but easily overlooked.

28. Letting go.
Bear will be 19 in December. She's finishing high school, and already planning a trip to Paris next fall. She has her eye on one of the microlofts downtown. I've been letting her make her own decisions, offering advice and guidance, but not providing hard answers. She has to let go, too. It's hard for both of us, but I'm grateful that it's something we're both able to do. That we can let go of the mother-child bond, and still maintain mother-daughter closeness.

29. Self-care.
Since the family moved in, it's been hard to do self-care. I settle for getting to bed within an hour of my bedtime. I'm grateful for those little moments of downtime, where I can rest my mind.

30. Myself.
I'm grateful to be where I am, who I am and what I am. It took a lot to get to this place, but I'm largely satisfied with my life and the direction it's headed. Would I change some things? Absolutely. But I'm grateful to know that the things I would change are within my ability to change or endure.

Blog 365...
26. Do you feel appreciated?

27. My body is _____________.
The result of my behavior.

28. Today I had too much _______________.

29. What worries you?
How long it will take to get my house back.

30. What did you get to do today?
I got to take a nap.

Dec. 1. Who is your best friend?
Probably Mark.

2. I really wish ______________.
I had a car.

In my life...
I feel like we're going spend-happy already on Christmas presents. My youngest granddaughter is getting baptized on the 14th, and the family is coming up for the event. I'd like to purchase the gifts that are going back with them, to save on shipping. Mommy seems intent on blowing everything on gifts for the immediate family.

Today is Give Back Tuesday, and I can't wait to take the grandkids shopping for Toys for Tots and canned goods for the food pantry. I donated to our local domestic violence shelter, too.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm, nearly 60. Today the temp dropped to below 40. I hear tomorrow will be hovering around 55-60. 'tis the autumn weather roller coaster.

Something Christmas-y...

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  1. I LOOOOVE that you took the little ones out shopping for Toys for Tots! What a spectacular idea. Very spirit of Christmas-y, very teach by example. Yea!