Friday, December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014

Today's Christmas song...

"Carol of the Bells" by Pentatonix

Blog 365...
What is the last place you visited online?
Blogger, naturally.

In my life...
I wasn't feeling great, so I sat and encouraged while the kids and Mommy and Bear baked Christmas cookies. They're taking some to teachers as gifts.
Started a new book: "Christmas Beyond the Box" by Josh Langston. It's subbed as "Seven Holiday Tales of Mystery and Magic." So far the first tale is rather Twilight Zone-y.
Remember KKK-guy from the bus? Last week he asked me if I was shopping for my kids. I told him it was for my grandkids. He asked how many I have. I said "four." That was the extent of our exchange. Yesterday he handed me a $50 gift card and told me to buy "stuff for the kids" with it. When I thanked him and refused, he insisted. "My wife and I, we have everything we need. She's a Jehovah's Witness, so we don't celebrate Christmas. Instead, I give these cards to people I know.  Merry Christmas." I saw him give another one to a Hispanic man from the bus, and invite a homeless man to dinner. He gave a gift to our bus driver - an African American. So confused.

In the world...
Four new breeds of dogs have been accepted into the American Kennel Club: The Cirneco dell’Etna, Bergamasco, Spanish Water dog and the South African Boerboel.
An expedition in the Marianas Trench has just discovered a new breed of fish, as yet unnamed, that is the deepest-level (26,622 feet under water) they've found so far.
The Pope has ordered 400 sleeping bags given to the homeless in Rome, to mark his 76th birthday. I've been very impressed by this pope's generosity and humility. Though I did raise an eyebrow that the sleeping bags all carry the papal seal.

Makes me smile...sadly...

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  1. Your KKK encounters are indeed head scratchers. I read a book a few years ago -- Clara's War -- about a vocal anti-Semitic who, during WWII, hid Jews in his home. His reasoning proved correct: the Nazis didn't scrutinize his behavior as closely because he was such a dick. And yet he risked his life a heroic thing. His was a much grander act, but the dichotomy is still there.

    Were you nervous about the condition of your kitchen when the kids were baking? I think it's wonderful that they took over that chore for you. (Especially since those aren't your teachers.)