Thursday, November 06, 2014

November 6, 2014

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From the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge (via Kwizgiver)
6. Hobbies
I'm thankful for the time I have to indulge in my hobbies. It can be so refreshing to take my mind off the everyday and focus on something purely for my pleasure.

Journal 365 catch-up:
10/17: How did you improve yourself today?
I really didn't make a specific effort to improve myself on the 17th. It was the weekend that my daughter was away at a conference, and I was home with the grandchildren.

10/18. How much time did you spend outside today?
October 18 was a Saturday. I was still home with the grandkids, tag-teaming with Papi.

10/19: In one year from today, what word do you hope best describes your life.

10/20: Who in your life is crazy talented? What is their talent?
I know a lot of very talented people, and a couple who are very crafty. My friend in Chicago, C, tends to excel at whatever she puts her hand to, particularly in sewing.

10/21: What do you wish there was more of in the world?

10/22: My favorite sound is _____________.
baby laughter

10/23: What impact do you hope to have on the world?
To have raised productive, happy, healthy adults who give back to the world.

10/24: If you made laws, what one would you make today?
I would bring back the law in Rhode Island that says that convicted felons can't hold public office. Although I think we have most of the laws we really need. What we really need are law-abiders and enforcement.

...and for today
11/6: If you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be?

In my life...
This morning my daughters (Mommy and Bear) called, asking if Nana (my grandmother) is okay. It seems they'd both dreamed about her, and were concerned. As far as my mom knows, all is well.

The weather is rainy and cool, in the low 50s, which is seasonable. The last couple of days we had a warm snap that brought temps up to the mid and high 60s, though we saw snow this past Sunday.

Tonight I'll be training niece R on how to do social media marketing. Should be fun!

Halloween has come and gone. The kids had a good time trick-or-treating and brought home a good-sized haul.
Costume breakdown:
Pappo: Knight in golden armor
Peeper: peacock ballerina
Wren: Shirley Temple
Peppy:  Chili pepper

RI Comic Con was better in theory than practice. I was so excited that we'd gotten big names like Shatner, Takei, Nicholls, Dushku. Unfortunately, so was everyone else. The event oversold, forcing the fire marshall to close down entry to the building for a few hours. A lot of people were stuck outside, waiting. Pappo and I were already inside when it happened, but we couldn't leave and be guaranteed that we could get back in. It made for a long day, although it did net me a conversation with Linda Blair (The Exorcist), who was frustrated at not being able to have guaranteed re-entry to the Con, since she wanted to return to her hotel room. I reminded her (she's from Connecticut, so this would be local news for her), that the Station nightclub fire that killed hundreds happened in Rhode Island, and since then, fire marshalls don't bend the rule for anyone. That seemed to satisfy her, and she thanked me later. Pappo preferred kids con, a sectioned-off area where kids could color and play video games, so we didn't attend any panels. Next year I'll only take him for one day, and go on my own the other day so I can sit in on them. Finally, Michael Biehn (Terminator, The Abyss, Aliens) was supposed to do photo ops, but was unable to make it due to a "spontaneous event." I'd planned to give the photo of him as a gift to a friend who's a huge fan. On the other hand, I did find a couple of local comic artists, and got to say hello to some artist friends who were exhibiting, so that was cool.

In the world...
Elections! I was the 50th person in my precinct to cast my ballot. There was no line to speak of, but a number of the voting booths were in use. The two big races to watch were the Governor and Mayor of Providence.
In the gubernatorial race, Treasurer Gina Raimondo (D) was up against Cranston Mayor Alan Fung (R), with former Cool Moose party (now of the Moderate party) Bob Healey. Healey was a late entry into the race, and spent less than $40 in total on his campaign, accepted no outside money from special interest, and according to online polling, won the gubernatorial debate on TV. For an off-party and out of the woods candidate (who looks like a cross between a hippie and Grizzly Adams), he pulled an impressive 22% of the votes. But it was Raimondo who took the Governor's seat, making her the first female governor in RI history.
The Providence mayoral race also started out with three candidates: Judge Jorge Elorza (D), former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci, a two-time convicted felon running as an independent, and Dr. John Harrop (R). During the Mayoral debate, it came out that Harrop had contributed to Elorza's campaign. His response was that he wanted "Anybody but Buddy" to win. He solidified that position by announcing that he'd voted for Elorza as well. Elorza won, and Harrop pulled in 3%. Buddy's back on talk radio in the afternoons.

Makes me happy:
I had a sandwich from Dukin' Donuts called "Turkey Feast." It's turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on a toasted Kaiser roll and it's very good. Served warm, it was a comforting treat on this dreary day.

Something beautiful:

I love the slender elegance of Lladro figurines.


  1. I, too, am thankful that I have the time that is required to indulge. Reading is so much better now that I don't have to work and can just lose myself in a book for hours at a time.

  2. Paula, I look forward to those days! In the meantime, I'm happy to get my reading in while riding the bus to and from work.