Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014

Daily gratitude challenge
via Kwizgiver...
22. Purpose
Some days I know what my purpose is, and others I don't. And there are days when I wonder if I have one at all. For those days when I feel my purpose and am full of purpose, I'm truly thankful.

23. Peace
Lately when I think of "peace," it's as part of "and quiet." I'm so thankful for peace and quiet when I have it. I relish quiet moments now, and realize that I'd come to take them for granted.

24. Intention
I've read a lot about living intentionally, and it sounds appealing, even if it seems like a lot of work. Right now, it's all about getting through the day, but I look forward to the opportunity to live intentionally. I'm grateful that I'm aware of the option and can see myself doing it.

Blog 365...
22. How did you play today?
Oh, I so didn't play on Saturday. Mommy and Papi both took the kids out to give me some time alone... and I slept the whole time! So annoying.

23. How do you know?
(seriously, I can't imagine answering this question any differently.)

24. Name the last three things you used today.
My computer, obviously. My phone. An empty Coke bottle filled with water.

In my life...
Wasted a perfectly good alone day sleeping on Saturday, then threw out my back on Sunday.
The family's got themselves in a knot over Secret Santa, but that will get sorted.

In the world...

 Scientists have caught the elusive black anglerfish on tape. It's an extremely rare sight.
The grand jury in the Ferguson case have declined to indict the officer involved in the shooting.

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