Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21, 2014

Daily gratitude challenge
via Kwizgiver
21. Passion
I'm passionate about a lot of things, most of all my family, but also art, Rhode Island, Domestic Violence Awareness and tolerance. I'm grateful for the ability to feel passion about things. It may seem strange, but many people don't have things in their lives that they're passionate about. I think they're missing out.

Blog 365...
21. What did you give up on today?
I gave up on trying to recover a failed file transfer, and asked the sender to just send it again.

In my life...
It seems like things are going to come to a head today. There's a sense of anticipation or something impending in the air.

I took a deep breath, and drew a tarot card. The High Priestess.
From Biddy Tarot:
"[The High Priestess] generally appears in a Tarot reading when you need to listen to and trust your inner voice...Look for areas in your life that may be out of balance or that require greater foresight and wisdom. Knowledge of how to fix it will not come through logic or intellect but through your intuition so put aside a time when you can meditate and listen to your own inner voice...The High Priestess in a Tarot reading can also point to the unknown and can indicate that your life is changing. Things that once seemed certain can no longer be taken for granted. Some puzzling mysteries become clearer but all is not yet revealed at this point. On the plus side, you will find that your intuitive powers are increasing and you may be inspired to be creative."
In the world...

Makes me happy...
 Lego has put out a Big Bang Theory set. LMAO.

Something beautiful...

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