Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20, 2014

Daily gratitude challenge
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20. Something I accomplished today
I've been at work all day, so I accomplished ever-so-many things. The men-folk are out of town at a conference, so I've been doing my work and their work. In fact, last night I was at the office from 6:30 am to 6:49 pm. I'm grateful to have a job that's not particularly stressful, even on its worst days. One that I can do, and do well, that pays decently and has a good boss and coworkers.

Blog 365...
20. What impression did you make on other today?
I expect that my coworker thinks I'm even goofier than usual. I've been walking around in my hedgehog slippers all day.

In my life...
Bear and I are meeting for coffee after work. She has a very important life decision to make, and I'm going to help her talk it out.
Meanwhile, C. is still trying to reconcile Christmas presents.
It's warmed up a bit since yesterday. No snow on the ground yet this season, and none forecasted.

In the world...
Jimmy Ruffin, who sang hits like He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, and What Becomes of the Broken Hearted passed away.
President Obama gave a speech on his planned Executive Order regarding Immigration. It's a fraught topic anyway, and conservatives are questioning the constitutionality of the order, while it's being defended by left. Meanwhile crisis-mongers are warning of cross-burnings, violence and anarchy.

Makes me happy...
 Flooded carnival
A woman from the EPA (yes, that EPA!) called me to ask permission to use my photos of flooding in Providence for a presentation she's doing.

Why I love people...
A logger in Maine pulled over swam through a freezing river to cut a three-month-old baby out of an SUV that had overturned into the water. He brought her, carseat and all, back to the lakeside, where another bystander gave her CPR and saved her life.

Something beautiful...
RenĂ© Jules Lalique (French, 1860–1945), “Noel”, 1905

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