Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - Days 1-5

Catching up with the 30 day gratitude challenge from Kwizgiver.

1. Home
Right now, our home is in chaos, as we all squeeze together into a too-small space. Even so, I'm grateful for the ability to house my family, and to have them near.

2. Nature
This is the perfect time of year to be grateful for nature. The trees still have their color, which gives me such a thrill. There's such power in the air in this season of change.

3. Something I see every day
I'm grateful for the little patio area outside my door. Flowers are still growing, autumn leaves are piling up in a way that reminds me of my childhood, before people became obsessed with leaf-free lawns. Occasionally, toys from my grandchildren's adventures are there to remind me that this is a fun and safe space.

4. Something I do every day
I'm grateful for the Internet, and the connections it creates. It's an outlet for creativity, a portal for discovery, a source of news and ideas.

5. Transportation
I'm grateful for our less-than-stellar public transportation system. More often than not, it gets me where I want to go. I'm also grateful for a healthy body, strong enough to get me the rest of the way.

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