Wednesday, October 08, 2014

October 8, 2014

Lots going on, but what started me typing today was finding the 5-year-journal challenge (by Tami Taylor) on Pinterest. The idea is that there are 365 questions, you answer one each day, and start over again each year, so you're answering the same questions on the same day each year.

Here are the prompts for October.

What’s the next book you are going to read? 
I'm currently reading Tales of the Plague by Ann Benson. When that's over, I'll probably read something spooky, like Haunted Rhode Island.

Something cool I learned today:
I'm actually part of Generation Jones, the cohort of people born between 1954 and 1966. I was born in the year that, by many definitions, the Baby Boom ended and Generation X started.

In my life:
The weather started out warm and rainy, but it's cleared up beautifully. If we had a car, I'd want to go on a foliage drive.

Watching the season premiere of Supernatural. But only because Misha Collins is adorable.

The Japanese student has come and gone. She was very sweet, and a little shy. We took her to the farmer's market, then shopping, then to the RISD museum. The last hurrah was a bowling party with all the kids from Japan and their American hosts. It went pretty well.

Went to NY to visit the parents last weekend. We had a combined birthday party for me, Dad, my older son and my oldest nephew. A nice time was had by all.

Son in law has changed jobs to something less strenuous on his back and knees. He is clearly in much less pain, and liking his job much better.

Bear is leaving her current retail job for one at a Japanese restaurant across town. She's very enthusiastic about it.

C arrived this morning from San Francisco. She'll be staying until Sunday as part of the convergence of all of my children to celebrate my 50th birthday on Friday.

In the news: 

The Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL continues its march across the middle east. They're expected to take the Syrian city of Kobani soon.
The Ebola patient who had been isolated in a Texas hospital has died. Rhode Islanders are watching intently the condition of a Providence photographer who contracted Ebola overseas and is being treated in Nebraska.
Lately the news has been questioning the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. When he was last seen about a month ago, he had gained a lot of weight and developed a limp.


Police in Cranston, Johnston and Warwick received an anonymous threat against their elementary schools that mentioned 'beheadings" that would happen either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Attendance in Cranston is down 32% today.

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