Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 10, 2014

Today is my 50th birthday. Yesterday, to the consternation of my children, I decreed that I must have 50 surprises on my birthday. They asked what I wanted...

After some failed attempts (Wren crying when I went to give her a kiss and Mommy saying ironically 'surprise?'), I set forth some parameters. I will never have this level of arbitrary authority again, so I went for broke.
a. the surprise must be for or about me
b. the surprise must be pleasant
c. the surprise must be unexpected

1. waking up to kitty kisses
2. having Peeper jump out from behind the door and yell "surprise!" (each kid gets one of these)
3. having Pappo run at me, yelling "surprise!" (that's his)
4. having Peeper give me a card that she made herself, along with various paper creations
5. having Peeper sing me a song that she made up herself
6. having a happy Peppy who woke up happy and didn't fuss all morning
7. my missing keys turned up in C's shoes in her hotel room (?!)
8.  a Klondike bar for breakfast
9. a Dunkin' Donuts cheddar twist bagel
10. a prime parking space on Thayer St.
11. my son buying me lunch
12. a homemade birthday cake decorated by my grandmonsters
13-50+. A pile of 50 small boxes, containing candy, dollar bills folded into hearts, and my favorite candies

I have raised them well.

Since I won't have time to blog (or probably even finish this post) until after they all head home, I'll pile on the daily journal 365 prompts:

10. What was the last gift you gave?
I bought my Dad a bottle of locally made whiskey that started out as an IPA.

11. What is your mission?
This answer will change almost daily. Mostly it's to live a good life.

12. If others described how you acted today in one word, it would be ____.

13. What is your current bank balance?
The same as it will always be: none of your damn business.

14. Describe the last piece of furniture you purchased.
A light wood kitchen island cart with a shelf and cabinet underneath, on wheels. I got it for $20 at a yard sale.


  1. Happy birthday! 50! Wow. I am always surprised when you mention your age, and that you are a grandmother, because you're so un-set in your ways and sound so open to new things.

    1. Thanks Gal! While I often feel 70, just as often I feel 20.