Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog Action Day

The theme for Blog Action Day 2014 is Inequality.
There's all kinds of inequality in the world, but the one that impacts the most people and has the greatest social and economic impact is, in my opinion, gender inequality.

The inability of women to receive the same education and equal pay as men, and the lack of regard for women as adults with the same rights and expectations as men, leads to lower incomes for single-parent families, who are overwhelmingly female-run. It creates a society who expects and accepts domestic violence as part of the natural order. It takes the voice from (often more than) 50% of the human population. It creates a cycle of poverty that becomes hard to break. And worse, it creates a mindset in men and women that this is how things should be, and to expect equality is unnatural and/or unreasonable. It burdens both genders by eliminating the partnership that should be between men and women.

Emma Watson explains the reasons she's a feminist in her invitation to the HeForShe campaign.

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