Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014

6 months til Christmas.

A reason I love people:
Jogger finds missing baby.
Hong Nguyen (via MNSBC)
An 8-month-old baby was abducted during a car-jacking in Houston. Four hours later, Hong Nguyen went out for her first jog since visiting the US from her home in Vietnam. She heard crying, and dug through the bushes to find the baby, who appeared to be unharmed. Mother and baby were reunited, and Nguyen considers herself lucky to have found the baby. She's the lucky one. I say we're the lucky ones, to have someone like Nguyen, willing to stop and search the bushes because she heard a baby crying, rather than dismissing it as an animal, far off in the distance, or someone else's problem.

Today's Tarot: 2 of Wands.
A man stands on the roof of a castle, one wand in his hand, the other holds a globe. He gazes into the distance, to the water behond. Roses are at his feet, and a second wand behind him.
The two of wands indicates choices, progress, discovery, and long-term goals. It's a choice between staying with what you know, or broadening your horizons, and then making the plan to let your choices work for you, grow and materialize.

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  1. That is a happy story! And since you brightened my day with yours, let me share the one I found: