Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June 2, 2014

Today's blog every day in June challenge from Kwizgiver is:
Your morning routine

5:30 am. Alarm rings. I grumble and usually slap the snooze button
5:35 am. When I have convinced myself I can no longer put off the inevitable, I sit up and put on my glasses, then shuffle/stumble to the bathroom for morning ablutions. Depending on the day, I may grunt at Bear that it's time to get up.
5:50 am. I get dressed and check the weather.
6:00 am. If I haven't been dawdling, I might remember to put something for lunch in my go bag.
6:05 am. Out the door to wait for the bus
6:23 am. Arrive at Dunkin Donuts. Buy my large iced coffee. Skim milk and sugar.
6:30 am. Catch the second bus to work.
Arrive 6:50.
Unlock the office, turn on computer, make breafkast and get to work.

I haven't done a tarot draw in awhile. Here's today's:
Queen of Pentacles: A well dressed woman stands in a window surrounded by flowers. She smiles as she opens a box full of coins.
She represents a woman of material wealth, with good business sense. An earth sign, inwardly-focused.
Keywords are nurturing, big-hearted, down-to-earth, resourceful, trustworthy.

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