Friday, May 23, 2014

May 22, 2014

Super tired today, and feeling a little buggy. But I can't forget to send my sister's birthday present in the mail. Wrap it, envelope it and get it out there.

Over the weekend I finished a couple of books:
The Collector by Nora Roberts. Not one of my favorites of hers, but not bad. Typically formulaic.
Shadow Spell, also by Nora Roberts. I liked this one better than The Collector, but it's weaker than the first book in this trilogy, Dark Witch.

I watched Funny Girl, finally. The netflix DVD has been sitting in my house for a couple of weeks. I really didn't want to invest almost 3 hours to watch it. Turns out, it's not as bad as I'd feared. Streisand is great, though not nearly as funny as everyone seems to think she is.  It's not my favorite musical, but it's not bad.

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  1. Now that you've seen Funny Girl, watch Walk the Line again. Johnny Cash is Fanny with a drug problem, and June Carter is Nicky Arnstein, the unattainable love object. Of course, Walk the Line has a happy ending. But I think Funny Girl is the prototype for every showbiz saga that followed.