Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March 31, 2014

Slept in this morning so I could go to a meeting at Bear's school, then to the lab for some bloodwork. Still made it in by 11.

The new guy turned in his notice last week, so tomorrow we have an interview with another new guy.

Today's tarot card is the Hermit.

It's dark, and a bearded man with a staff and a lantern are walking through the snow, past a rock or cave wall with runes on it, and a symbol that looks like a segmented orange.

That's our guy in the middle. He's alone but not lonely. Old, a little bent, but clearly knowledgeable.
He's all about introspection, spiritual search and knowledge, wisdom.

It so happens that a very dear friend of mine is having a crisis of faith, not only in his spiritual life, but in his faith in humanity. He's always been the wise elder, teacher. Now he's lost and withdrawn. I hope that this time of introspection helps him. We've talked, and he knows I'm here for him. I'm glad to be a source of support, but he has to bring himself back.