Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014

Today's tarot card is the King of Pentacles
A king sits on his throne. At his feet is a treasure chest filled with gold coins and ripe grapes. In his hand is a large coin with an acorn on it.

king of pents
The king is the "lord of wellness," whose power is founded on ambition and the capacity for enterprise and financial management.
I really need one of these.

Of note in the world:
1. The ebola outbreak in West Africa is being described as "challenging" by the WHO.
2. A marine guard fatally shot a fellow guard in Ft. LeJeune, NC, making it the second fatal shooting at a home military base in 2 weeks. This one may have been an accident.
3. Yesterday a 16-year-old boy stabbed several of his classmates in a high school in Pennsylvania. 20 students were injured.

Today is National Sibling Day.
I will celebrate by emailing both my siblings.

Today's Challenge is:
Take 5 minutes to learn about the quality of your tap water.
I went did a little research and learned that Providence is ranked 2nd best water in the country.

Today I'm grateful for:
1. A little time to myself while Bear is at work.

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