Monday, March 10, 2014

March challenge, days 4-9

I was out of town, hanging out with my dad after his surgery this past weekend, so I'll catch up now:

5. Link to a current song you like.
I've had "Let it Go" from Frozen stuck in my head for weeks.

6. Six lies you tell yourself:
1. "I'll do it ____ (sometime other than now)."
2. "One ___ (insert type of junk food) won't hurt."
3. "I'm generally honest with myself."
4. "I've forgiven the Evil Ex."
5. Anything to do with exercise.
6. Anything to do with diet.

7. What's the next movie you want to watch?
In theaters, Muppets Most Wanted

8. Your exercise philosophy?
It varies between "I don't wanna" and "I really should."

9. Describe a routine or ritual you have.
When I arrive at work, I turn on the lights, the computer, the heat. While the computer boots up, I make myself a bowl of cereal, then settle in and get to work.

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