Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 15, 2014

If I can manage to stay awake for the day, this is my day for getting stuff done.

I want to get the laundry done, including sheets. Get the kitchen straightened up. Catch up on some of my Netflix queue. Clean out the fridge. Straighten up my bedroom, which has been overrun with jewelry-making materials.

I walked down to the store to get laundry soap (I shall not be deterred from my laundry goal!). While there, I tried the new "dessert flavored" Skittles.
via Junk Food Guy
Right off the bat, I won't eat the orange, but I'll pitch them to Bear to see if she enjoys them.  The other flavors are:

Key Lime Pie (green): I don't really taste lime in it at all. It's not nearly tart enough, either. It's got a little bit of a creamy flavor.

Raspberry Sorbet (red): I guess you could call that "red" flavor raspberry. It's that generic "red berry" flavor, with some creaminess.

Strawberry milkshake (pink): A bit more strawberry in flavor than the red one was distinctly raspberry. A bit of milk/cream flavor to give it a legit milkshake taste.

Blueberry tart (blue): Had a very fake blueberry taste. I don't know what they think "tart" tastes like, but there's nothing to make me think of baked goods.

So there you have it.

Bear made a very good potato and leek soup for dinner. I still say it needed bacon, just for form's sake, but it really was very good without.


  1. I don't know what it says about me that I was more interested in the soup than the Skittles. Maybe my palette is *finally* maturing?

    1. Gal, you'd enjoy the soup more. Ever so much better.