Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Another same ol' day at work.No complaints; it's been quiet enough to get some of the backlog done.

Paid some bills.

When I went home, I discovered my mandrel had arrived. I made four rings. My first ever!

 This is a simple wire wrap with a smoky glass bead.

 This ring is designed to let the stones slide and spin, so I can play with it.

Thsi was my first, less successful attempt at the ring above, using a moss agate stone

This is the wire wrap again, but with side beads and an oblong center. It actually looks much nicer in person. It's my favorite of the bunch so far.


  1. I'm imagining myself in the second ring. They're all lovely (and you should be very proud), but I have short, sausage fingers and I'm enchanted by the thinner design.

    1. Gal I think I actually gave that ring away to a friend, to give to his lady friend. Thanks for the compliment!