Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 11, 2014

Another quiet one yesterday. Just work and home, puttering around, went to sleep early.

This morning I was reminded that back on 12/30 I went to see Frozen. I really enjoyed it, though I felt that there was too much comic relief. Both a reindeer and a living snowman. I think they could have done without one or the other, although the snowman does have a nice moment toward the end.

I liked that the story is about sisterly love, and that the romantic component is secondary. The women are strong in different ways, but so are the men. Nobody has to be stupid or ridiculous in order for the other to be strong. There's no real "bad guys," just people caught in difficult circumstances, trying to do the right thing and not always succeeding.  At the same time, [here be spoilers, so use your highlight to read on] I question the resolution that has the one "normal" sister finding love, and the "different" sister happy, but alone.

Idina Menzel played the older sister, and gave a powerful performance when she comes into her own.

In fact, it was a lot like another empowering song from a musical that Indina was in (at 1:35) Finally sat down and got my jewelry making supplies organized. I made a necklace, a bracelet and an exchange.

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