Monday, January 13, 2014

By popular demand

Kwiz had asked me to show some of the jewelry I'd made. Just remember, I'm new at this.

This is a necklace with a Herkimer diamond as the focal point, bound by pyrite beads and clear crystals. I've been making necklaces with two lobster clasps that allow you to switch out the central decoration.

Below is the same type of necklace, using glass beads with a goldtone center.

Above are two exchanges. One is pyrite beads with crystals, the other are brass beads, a wood bead in the center and two cubes of semiprecious stone (whose name escapes me just now).

 This is a bird's nest pendant. My next effort, I'll use smaller "eggs." These are upcycled plastic.

And the earrings I made to go with the Herkimer necklace: Pyrite and crystal drops.

I expect I'll try my hand at other variations. I have about eight more "exchanges" with different semiprecious stones. Once I feel confident with the wire wrapping, etc., I'll start playing with sterling silver.

Thanks for your interest, Kwiz!

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