Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holidailies Dec. 11: "Back in *my* day..."

"...there was no internet or smart phones. Our phones were stupid and so were we. And we didn't have any of those fancy 'earth-friendly products,' oh no. Our toys were made of plastic and lead. The edges were sharp, and if you hadn't severed a finger by the time you were eight, well, you just weren't cool! We'd open our presents on Christmas morning and play with our plastic and lead toys. And we'd all get lead poisoning and lose thirty IQ points and at least one finger. Then our toys would break and we'd throw them in the landfill. And the landfills got so big we built high-rises on them. And we'd live there with our stupid phones on top of our broken childhood memories. And that's the way it was, and we liked it!"

The 25 Days of Christmas Blogging asks, what is your favorite tradition? As I've mentioned before, my favorite tradition is driving around the neighbhorhood, admiring Christmas lights.