Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday musings

Chipmunk's eye view

I know there's a meme out there with this name, but that's not really what I'm doing here. I set aside Monday to think and plan, set out goals and self-check. I've been living in my own head a lot lately, so let's get this down somewhere.

1. I've been draggy lately. After a few days of high-energy, I'm back to a kind of meh. I blame the unseasonably warm autumn weather, but only for how I'm feeling, not for what I've been doing, which isn't much.

2. Tomorrow is the first day of October, the month of my birthday. Traditionally a go-to month for me, I'm going to try to get myself into a good routine.

3. This October is full of happy plans. I have a friend coming to visit from Chicago. Then my daughter's stopping over during a trip to Boston. After that my parents come for a visit, and then we'll host a Japanese visiting student for a week. That's a lot of apple picking, sightseeing and leaf-peeping.

4. One of my goals for 101 Things in 1001 Days is to learn the Tarot. October being the month that seems to embrace the offbeat, I'll start then. The month promises to be hectic, but we have to start somewhere.

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  1. "Draggy" is a good word to describe how I'm feeling, too. I wonder why we're both feeling so uninspired. I'm sure that the influx of visitors will liven things up. Looking forward especially to hearing about apple picking with an exchange student.