Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Not sure how to feel about this...

Ahead of the film's 75th anniversary, Warner Brothers is bringing The Wizard of Oz to IMAX 3D.

And while I relish the idea of seeing the movie on the big screen for the first time (first time for me, that is), I worry about how much tinkering will be required to make it IMAX-friendly and in 3D.

If the original film is dated, it's charmingly dated. Like reading your grandmother's favorite picture book; the story is the same, and the art may be old-fashioned, but it's still beautiful. It's classic. And as Oz the Great and Powerful showed us, 3-D technicolor doesn't make a film good. The question is, can it make a great film better? Should it even try?


  1. Leave it alone! It's a classic! (The powers that be never listen to me)

  2. I'm thinking it might be fun. Imagine being in the room with Dorothy when everything goes whooshing by and Miss Gulch becomes the witch!