Monday, July 15, 2013

Book review: I, Roger Williams by Mary L. Settle

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A "memoir" of Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island. The premise is that Roger Williams, in his last year or so, is writing a memoir since all of his letters and papers were destroyed in a fire. Settle definitely did her research in writing this book. It goes into great detail, especially about Williams' youth in and around London.

I was 3/4 done with the book when I started talking about it with the Park Ranger at the Roger Williams National Memorial. He told me that the book was very accurate, with a few minor errors (the settlers did not build log cabins). I admit I felt better about reading it.

Although the language is old - it's a bit like reading the King James version of the Bible, which was written during Williams' lifetime - it's very engaging and easy to sink into.

My only complaint with the book is how little of it covers his life once he founded Rhode Island. Although he arrived in New England about age 30, and lived to age 65, barely 1/5 of the book is dedicated to that time. It's almost written as if the author expects that the reader knows about all what happened.

Still a good read, and recommended.

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