Monday, June 10, 2013

Long weekend

This weekend I went to see my granddaughter's baptism. We left Providence Saturday morning for the four-hour drive to NY. Soon after that we were off to the mall to go shopping with "the girls." Then it was back to Mom's for a barbecue. Grandchildren, nieces and nephews, oh my! Then back to the mall to pick up something my daughter had gotten engraved that wasn't ready when we left. Up early for church (I love God. I do not like church). Fellowship hour, including cake (!). Pictures pictures pictures. Baptism. More pictures. Back to mom's for sandwiches and visiting. Four hour drive home. Unpack, clean rental car. All in 36 hours.

Looking back it doesn't sound like all that much, but I. am. exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.

Of course the baptism was beautiful, the kids were wonderful and adorable, shopping was fun, visiting was great. It was one of those milestone moments that requires lots of pictures and time with family. I'm very glad we went, but today I'm tired.

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