Monday, April 15, 2013

Today I prayed...

Rhode Island could be considered a suburb of Boston. Providence isn't much further away from Boston than people on Long Island are from New York City. We're Boston's upstart little sister, sharing mutual bonds of affection and irritation.

Today, a person or persons so far unknown hurt our big sister. Two explosions went off during the Boston Marathon, and hurt more than 100 people and killed two, including an eight year old boy. These numbers will change over time, but the heartbreak won't lessen.

So today I prayed for the people of Boston, for the thousands of runners and their families, friends and supporters who came from out of town to take part in the marathon. For those who were out celebrating Patriot's Day. For their friends, families and supporters who aren't in Boston, but are waiting and hoping by the phone.

I prayed for their safety and health and recovery. I prayed for their peace of mind, and for good news. I prayed for calm rationality in the investigators, that they find the true culprits and bring them to justice. For everyone impacted.

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