Sunday, April 07, 2013

The 3rd 101 Things in 1001 Days

Wow it's taken me a long time to finalize this list...

1. Accomplish something from my bucket list  DONE (fed a giraffe)
2. Do something that scares me  DONE
3. Get my passport
4. Go canoeing 10 times
5. Go for a 100 mile drive to nowhere. Take pictures and write about it.
6. Go hiking 3 times
7. Go horseback riding
8. Go to a horserace
9. Go to the beach 10 times
10. Go to the movies in the theater ten times
11. See New York at Christmastime
12. Take a bicycle tour
13. Visit Orchard House - the home of Louisa May Alcott
14. Visit the Lizzie Borden House: DONE
15. Visit Mystic, Conn.  DONE
16. Visit the Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass.
17. Visit Walden Pond
18. Visit the Tewksbury Almshouse/Wrentham house of Helen Keller

1. Attend 3 meetings of professional organization
2. Give a presentation on marketing DONE
3. Join a professional organization
4. Take a marketing class

1. Donate 100 pounds of food
2. Donate 25 books to the library
3. Help fund a crowdfunding project DONE
4. Participate in 1 political activity DONE
5. Participate in 3 “Rhody Bloggers for Good” activities
6. Perform 100 random acts of kindness
7. post on the endomental blog at least once per week
8. Volunteer 100 hours

1. Attend my third grandchild’s christening/dedication DONE 6/9/13
2. Do something special with each of my nieces and nephews
3. Finish the “wreck-it journals” with Bear
4. Have a meal with all five of my children together  DONE
5. Have Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation with Bear DONE
6. See Bear graduate from high school
7. Spend a "just us" day with my sisters
8. Start a memoir of stories from my life, and that I heard from my parents and grandparents, to pass down to the next generation DONE
9. Visit my grandchildren 6 times (my grandchildren moved close to us, so it's no longer a trip or endeavor to see them.)
10. Visit my parents 6 times  DONE
11. Take Bear to Disney World (Bear decided she didn't want to do this.)

1. Clear out all the “junk”
2. Finish decorating the bathroom
3. Finish the window seat  DONE
4. Grow asparagus, avocado, celery, green onion and potatoes from cuttings/seed
5. Have a yard sale  DONE
6. Make homemade laundry soap
7. Paint the ceiling in the bedroom
8. Prepare an emergency kit for home
9. Strip and refinish the kitchen doors
10. Try 100 new recipes

I {heart} Rhody
1. Attend an event at the Convention Center DONE (Comic Con)
2. Buy 3 pieces of Rhode Island art to hang in my home DONE!
3. Go to a Providence Bruins game
4. Go to the iron pour at the Steel Yard DONE
5. Read and review 6 books about Rhode Island or by Rhode Island authors
6. See A Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep
7. See a live classical music concert
8. See a live play  DONE
9. See a show at the Dunk
10. See the sunrise over the ocean
11. Visit fifteen of the places on the Places to See in Rhode Island list
12. Visit and review 10 new (to us) Rhode Island restaurants
13. Write an I {heart} Rhody post at least 3 times per week

Religion and spirituality
1. Attend a Christmas Eve service
2. Attend an Easter sunrise service
3. Become proficient in tarot readings
4. Finish the “30 days of kitchen witchery” series This appears to have been discontinued.
5. Give up something for Lent DONE
6. Learn to meditate
7. Make my own deck of tarot cards  DONE!
8. Say 100 prayers for other people

1. Add 50 things to my bucket list
2. Listen to 100 different works of bluegrass music
3. Listen to 100 different works of classical music
4. Listen to 100 different works of Jazz music
5. Listen to 100 different works of Motown music
6. Lose 40 pounds
7. Log 35 reasons I love people
8. Make 3 of the crafts on my Pinterest boards
9. Start a five-year "journal" DONE (it's part of my blog)

Odds & ends
1. Have my friend from Chicago come for a visit  DONE
2. Decide what to do about the car DONE
3. Get the bikes fixed  DONE!
4. Go a week without chocolate
5. Go without a car for 1 year DONE
6. Have a Christmas movie marathon in July   DONE!
7. Make our own wrapping paper for Christmas gifts
8. Nap on the beach
9. Open a retirement account
10. Read 33 books
11. Replace 10 of my favorite Nora Roberts books on Kindle DONE!
12. Save $1,000
13. Start composting
14. Take a nap in the hammock
15. Take five days off just for me.
16. Walk 300 miles (total)
17. Watch Mark Hughes' 50 movies that were never nominated for an Oscar
18. Watch the movies from AFI's 100 Years 100 Cheers (I don't have to re-watch ones I've already seen unless I want to)
19. Finish the year in my Pinterest account
20. Watch the 13 Horror films based on real life events.


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  2. Sounds like fun! I wanna help. Maybe I should make a list of my own. Then again, knowing me I probably wouldn't finish it... LOL.