Sunday, April 14, 2013

Speaking of art...

Sometimes coincidence is a wonderful thing. While at the RISD Student Art Sale, I happened upon the work of Sang Eun Dawn Lee. She's working on her own tarot deck, interpreted as children's illustrations. She had a sticker set of a few of the cards, and they're adorable.

Since one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days is to make my own deck of Tarot cards, I started talking with her. She was very excited about my project and asked if I would sell them.

I have no artistic talent of my own, so I'll have to work in collage, using other peoples' art to get my artistic vision across. So, no. They'd only be for my own use.

We chatted awhile. She's only finished the Major Arcana and just started the Minor Arcana (what evolved into today's 52-deck playing cards). There are 78 cards in a deck. It's an endeavor.

I bought the sticker set, but I also got the treat of seeing and handling the original cards, which are hand-painted. It's a shame that the electronic and reprinted versions can't capture the vibrancy of those works. I'm a little in love with the Wheel of Fortunate (bottom left) and the Emperor (second from the right on the top row). I'll probably incorporate those into my collages as I go.

It was just a really fun and enthusiastic conversation. I'll be watching Sang's work as it goes along.

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